Inspections are included with any trapping service. If only an inspection is needed, there is a $50 fee to cover time & fuel. The most Important step for removing animals and preventing the problem from recurring is a thorough inspection.  Our specialists look at twenty (20) different key areas on your property and will determine what plan will work best. 


Animal Trapping and Removal                        

$89 and up depending on the species and the amount of time/work involved in a solution. Our specialists will set the proper number of traps for your property to remove animals as quickly and humanely possible. In some cases trapping is only a temporary fix. We can work with you to find permanent solutions to be sure problems will not return.  Removing wildlife with traps takes extensive knowledge of wild animal habits and behavior. Our specialists are trained wildlife biologists, wildlife managers, forest managers and have experienced backgrounds dealing with animal trapping and behavior. While we are removing wildlife before your eyes, we will educate you about all species involved in your trapping program.


Management Services

First Coast Wildlife Services is much more than a nuisance wildlife removal company. We specialize in habitat improvement, food plantings for wildlife, property consulting, and forest management. Whether you have 5 or 100,000 acres, our wildlife management team can allow your property to reach its full potential. Improving habitat for wildlife will not only increase native populations of animals, but will also improve aesthetics.

See Wildlife Management & Habitat Management.