Nuisance Wild Hog Removal & Control

Florida's number of situations involving nuisance wild hogs has increased due to the animal's ability to reproduce faster than they can be controlled. Although there are year-round hunting opportunities on private lands, most of Florida's public lands are closed for hog hunting during the summer months. Wild Hogs cause many types of damage including destroying: lawns, wildlife habitat, farm crops, pastures, and golf courses. They also carry several diseases such as swine brucellosis, pseudorabies, tuberculosis, and hog chlorea. Hogs Have 2-3 litters a year at 6-12 piglets a litter and female sows are ready to breed at 6 months of age.The population of wild hogs in Florida is higher now than ever.


Our Strategy

When wild hogs invade your property and begin to cause damage, we understand you want them gone quickly! To remove them as fast as possible, we inspect every inch of your property to determine where the animals are sleeping, eating, and traveling and set traps accordingly. Our traps are large enough to remove as many as 10 animals all at once. With over 13 years experience removing hogs, we guarantee complete satisfaction.



Locations We Serve


Nassau County                                 Duval County

Yulee, Fernandina, Amelia Island               Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, Neptune Beach, Atlantic Beach,

                                                                           Ft. George, Baldwin


Clay County                                     St. Johns County 

Orange Park, Middleburg, Green                 Ponte Vedra Beach, Nocatee, Fruit Cove, St. Augustine, Crescent

Cove Springs, Starke, Keystone                  Beach, Palatka, Elkton, Hastings, Vilano Beach, Marineland, St.

Heights, Penney Farms, Fleming                  Augustine Beach, Julington Creek, Palm Valley

Island, Lakeside


Flagler County                                 Baker County                    

Palm Coast, Bunnell, Butler Beach               Macclenny, Glen St. Mary, Sanderson


Columbia County                             Suwannee County

Lake City, Deep Creek, Ft. White,                Live Oak, Branford

Five Points, Watertown, Columbia



Hamilton County                             Madison County

Jasper, White Springs                                    Madison, Greenville, Lee


Alachua County

Alachua, Archer, Gainesville,

Hawthorne, High Springs, Newberry,