Do you love working outdoors with wildlife?

Do you want to run a business like it's your own?

Do you have what it takes to run a crew?

At First Coast Wildlife Services, we are a fast growing wildlife removal company looking for talented people that can run one of our new branches. We are always seeking wildlife control professionals that have the ability to achieve success through hard work and perseverance.  

How it works

1. Let us know you are interested in running one of our new locations.

2. We will schedule an interview to ensure you are a great fit for the position. 

3. After hiring, we bring you to our corporate office for one month of training/ wildlife control school.

4. We provide you with a fully stocked company truck and send you back to your new territory with one of our sales people to begin networking and to prepare for the launch.

5. You start servicing clients.

Available Territories


-Miami, FL

-Tallahassee, FL

-North Carolina

-South Carolina